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Obama is our next president

2008-11-05 04:44:17 by Yoshio

fancy that

edit: I notice that alot of the flashes that were submitted when Obama became president were deleted and some accounts got locked as a result which I find very interesting since there are plenty of stuff floating around the portal making fun of the 43rd president but for some reason it is against the rules of NG to make fun of the 44th? Now I'm a huge Obama supporter and I get pretty mad whenever anyone dares to be stupid enough to say anything bad about this great man but I can't help but think that this was highly hypocritical and just smacks of a certian political slant on the part of one or more NG admins. What I have to say to whatever dem is behind this is this: do not forget the views of our party, the first amendment is always to come first and must be respected even in regards to what we don't like or wish to see. NG has protected controversial stuff in the past in the face of even government opposition and I'd hate to think that this site has abandoned that proud tradition

oh and if Obama winning wasn't enough good news for one newspost Cereal added me to his favorites. I feel important now.

Obama is our next president


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2008-11-06 19:35:19

Obama Kicks Ass

Yoshio responds:

that he most certainly does


2008-11-07 07:59:12

Obama pwns...OBAMA!!!!!

Yoshio responds:

fuck yes best president ever


2008-11-09 02:20:14

probably cause some of the submissions were borderline racist

not that im really supporting the deletions though, sean's was funny and didnt deserve it.

Yoshio responds:

yeah Obama being black does add that to it

still it was a huge over reaction...then again we do have to expect that from the admins...

regardless those accounts need to be unlocked and the probation against Cereal needs to be ended, I mean damn Cereal actually has a large fan base


2008-11-09 04:24:34

I voted for Obama.....


Thanks to my awesome nuts.

Yoshio responds:

i submitted a worthless vote for him in Texas that didn't count


2008-11-09 11:08:50

LMAO Sean Joystick is da best.

Yoshio responds:

I agree!

How'd that masterpiece miss the front page?!


2008-11-09 12:10:22

that reminds me how does Sean's flash warrant a locked account and all the "I'M CHARGIN MAH LAYZR" shit doesn't and in fact one makes the fucking front page?!

Its the same racist black face with the red lips but at least sean's was actually funny


2008-11-11 11:08:24

obama sucks you'll see

Yoshio responds:

cause obama told us to troll you


2008-11-12 23:36:08

I didn't see anything very racist about some of those flashes deleted.

Cereal's account should DEFINITELY be unlocked, because I'd like to see more of his Selena Gomez stuff.

And where do you live in Texas?

Yoshio responds:

tonight in the portal was so depressingly lacking in submissions, this should be evidence that those accounts ought to be unlocked

also I live near Denton, about an hour north of Dallas