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who updated the favorites list?

2008-12-03 00:09:44 by Yoshio

its really really cool

also holy hell I can post on the front page now this is so awesome

also also: new actually decent animation coming probably tomarrow, hopefully it fares as well as Start of the Trojan War

one more thing (gotta take advantage of front page posts you know) can we all please have a moment of silence for Cereal who tragically got all his flash deleted including a number of my personal favs. RIP Cereal flash, you will be remembered in the hearts and minds of dumbasses like me for all time

who updated the favorites list?


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2008-12-03 00:14:56

i think liljim
Tom made a post about it

Yoshio responds:

I don't check the BBS much so I must've missed it

anyway, Yoshio likey the update. I like seeing the beautiful pictures of all my favs and they're much easier to move around now


2008-12-03 00:23:21

Yoshio long time No see Buddy how have you been these days?

Me I'm Fine

(Updated ) Yoshio responds:

busy working on my latest flash

actually decent stuff ain't easy

actually tbh I finished like 3 weeks ago but I haven't gottten around to submiting it out of laziness


2008-12-03 00:37:31

i dont like the fact that when you add a new favorite it goes to the top of your list

also i voted for your movie in the monthly poll

Yoshio responds:

I actually like that, it gives me a chance to see the description before deciding if I really want it on my top 4

also thank you so much! Everyone else who reads this go do that! :D


2008-12-03 00:59:55

I loved cereal

Yoshio responds:

me too :'(


2008-12-03 01:07:05

What's new about the favorites list? :/

Yoshio responds:

sweet pics, better way of ordering them, your newest fav is automatically moved to the top


2008-12-03 01:09:23

poor cereal flash

Yoshio responds:

the good die young


2008-12-03 01:33:33

Ah ok. I see little icons in the edit page. Who knows when I would of noticed that? I don't really watch much here anymore let alone have a favorite.

I guess I understand why the automatic jump would make sense. I'm probably one of the author's who would benefit from it. "Throw me a frikken' bone here!"

(Updated ) Yoshio responds:

well I'm assuming its meant for you to be able to read the descriptions and see how the pic looks on your page


2008-12-03 02:20:25

Tom said it was to get new movies recognition instead of the old ones that some people have as their top favorites. I should of known something was up when my new movie was actually on people's top 5. But most have taken it down already. ha.

Yoshio responds:

well that's a good idea I guess


2008-12-03 17:39:16

Hi, Yoshio! We miss you at the party!

Yoshio responds:

I know I've been busy

I'll post there more soon, promise


2008-12-03 18:19:55

Ok so World AIDS day rocked. But that's history. I finally made an official Youtube channel, because people are just gonna upload my toons to youtube anyways. I fucking hate youtube, but here's my page

If any soul out there still plays halo 3 add me cos i be bored

Free Apple < Gay mer tag

Peace out yo

Yoshio responds:

oh neat!


2008-12-03 19:22:05

dicks in sandwiches.

Yoshio responds:



2008-12-05 00:31:57

Please accept my condolences

Yoshio responds:



2008-12-06 00:47:54

Does anyone find it odd that we celebrate spammers like Strawberry clock? He even has his own day, along with being a mascot shown on the portal. What have they shown to deserve this kind of treatment? The only thing these spammers have going for them is the never ending hype that surround them, without it they would be nothing. Seriously, watch all of strawberry clocks submission, not one of those flashes would even be acknowledged in today's "spam" community.

(Updated ) Yoshio responds:

SBC is celebrated because his spam resulted in the formation of the first flash crew

the only thing I find odd about it is the people who love "B" to death yet still get all bent out of shape over people like Cereal "ruining the portal"


2008-12-08 23:15:23

i think yoshio r a prety cool guy

Yoshio responds:

me too :)


2008-12-09 15:32:06

make a front page post,

Yoshio responds:

I can only do it once every 14 days

Tom's on to me


2008-12-11 13:37:59

Hey Homie

Yoshio responds:



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