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wtf happened to arushi?! all his stuff is in the obits and he's gone from my fav authors list!

I fucking love Rob

2008-04-23 16:25:40 by Yoshio

this video news post thing is the shit

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Bob gave me a garbage whistle

2008-04-22 15:33:38 by Yoshio

Don't try to deny it Bob I know it was you

yet another one"
by: topdog2007
date: 4 hours ago
pethic you still a punk that think he tought how sad that is how this get off of newground you got nothing but make stupid dubs that just not work at all just stupid movie where you put words in and not work at all just pethic get off newground you got no talent at all

2 hours ago
Author's Response:
What DId I Tell You Huh Appearentally You Don't Fucking Listen Go Suck A Dick You Faggotty Ass Fucking Bitch No One Likes You I Don't Like You You Have No Friends Go Away And Kill Your Fucking Self You Bitch Ass Nig-ger Fuck You Stay Of My Reviews Ass Hole!!!!!!!!!!!

People aren't in agreement over whether this is helpful or not.

newgronds review

2008-04-15 14:27:27 by Yoshio

by: Ganonslayer123
date: 24 minutes ago
Enough said

People aren't in agreement over whether this is helpful or not

how rude


2008-04-10 17:49:30 by Yoshio



2008-04-05 06:09:07 by Yoshio


Big Fuzzy Kitten

2008-03-02 00:46:52 by Yoshio

before he became a famous flash master, BFK apparently did commercial spots for some coffee company

I found this picture on google

Big Fuzzy Kitten st-xbox-360-community-games-to-hit-liv e-immediately/

A game made by our very own SageClock is one of the first games on this new system

here is what has been said about the game:

"ProximityHD." This game, created by Brian Cable from the United States, takes the essence of strategy games -- battles for control of territory and armies -- and distills it down to a simple, easy-to-understand set of rules for casual players.

the process for downloading these games is a tad complicated right now but I don't care. If you have Xbox Live and you are not playing this game than I will find you and slap some sense into you

congrats Sage! <3 <3 <3