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Awesome flash on the front page!

2008-01-21 05:17:29 by Yoshio

Did any of you get a chance to see the wicked schweet flash that made the front page awhile back? (it isn't there now) It was so great that it should be obvious to you which one I'm talking about, but just for the sake of clarity it was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This thing was simply hilarious and it was definately one of the best things to have goten front page status in a very long time

here it is:

easiest 10 I have ever given out bar none

check it out if your sick of the crap that so often gets submitted to this place and need a quality flash to lift your spirits!

Awesome flash on the front page!

Its a sad day...

2007-12-12 03:08:07 by Yoshio

The account that was responsible for the wonderful Ludicris takin over the world in 216 web safe colors series

has been deleted


despite the wonderful Ludicirs tributes, Bill Murray Week submissions, and one notably great Link gets Hurt again parody flash, this is still a very sad day for Newgrounds

I'm gonna miss that series, truly, it was one of the best

Its a sad day...

I'm FAB!!!!

2007-12-02 04:05:42 by Yoshio

yeah, I changed my aura to fab because I always vote 5 on all the spam flash that is submitted to the portal (KK, SS, CC) and that is somthing only a big flaming homo would do

also, I give out 10 stars to almost all the flashes I review, how gay is that?

I only vote 0 on generic stick fights and Hentai, so yeah, this is a well deserved aura...

Its Dialy Day!

2007-12-01 00:42:20 by Yoshio

or at least it was

I went and voted 5 on all the daily toons

then went back and voted 5 again at midnight

and not just the ones under judgement

no idea why lul =P

some of them were actually really good!

Garbage Whistles suck

2007-11-13 23:44:31 by Yoshio

it are fact

Lookie there!

2007-11-12 04:58:35 by Yoshio

It seems I have gone and upgraded myself to town watch!

It seems I have alot more saves then Blams, I guess thats because I'm a nice guy

I always try to make sure and rate alot of under judgement flashes, becasue I want a say in what gets on newgrounds and what doesn't

I don't like to see crappy flashes get onto the site and I don't like watching good, funny flashes get blammed because "OMG THERES NO BLODY DEF THIS SUX!!!!!111!!!!!11!!!"

don't worry NG, your portal is safe with Yoshio on patrol

BTW, Conan is awesome

First Favorite

2007-11-03 22:02:12 by Yoshio

yup, I finally decided to favorite somthing. Its LOZ Office of time. Its basically the only one so it should be easy for you to find

I just really enjoy the humor in it, and I define a faovrite as not just somthing you like, but somthing you want to watch again and again and that is the case with me and this flash

I hope to see more flashes like this, and I definately hope its author decides to continue the series

that's really all I have to say for now


BTW, Conan is awesome